Gifts From The Matriarch (and Ending Date)

The Matriarch has proclaimed the Cup will end at 11:59PM on July 22nd.

The Matriarch is so honored by your efforts in the Summer event that She has created a special gift to celebrate the occasion. This gift has an earthly origin- and of course, it is blue!

The Matriarch DOES love blue...

Whatch This Space

The Matriarch sometimes meddles with the affairs of mortals.

Is she currently meddling?

Prices are random depending on the whims of the Matriarch!

A New talisman to help you on your Summer Cup quest!

The SkyShard will double the ribbons won by your horses. The SkyShard can only be won from Temple Cat's Sketchy Scratch N Match, and you have the same odds of winning a Sky Shard as any other item. The SkyShard takes up your horse's Talisman slot.

Summer Cup Update!

The Blue Ribbon requirement to bracket out of Bronze has been reduced to 50 (from 100) to increase Silver entries. Horses will with 50 - 99 Blues will bracket up the next time they compete.

And keep your eye on the Horse Sales- the Matriarch may put beautiful horses in there to be purchased for suitable offerings!

Come See Me!

My SUPER AWESOME prize pond is now open! If you're cheap, you can just relax beside it, but if you're the gambling type, cross my paw with silver and pull out a prize!

This way --->

The Matriarch's Summer Cup

The Matriarch's Own Herald, Ribbon Cat, is here to host the 2014 Matriarch Summer Cup!

Bring Your Champions!

I have something for you!

Here, take this!

The July Birthstone & Birthflower Horses are here!

Go see!

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