Come to My Shop !

I have a wide selection of eggs for you to choose from! In addition to remaining inventory, I also have several new beauties for you to choose from.

Eggs that were previously unbreedable are now breedable , although my suppliers have told me that the color inheritance on most of them is quite rare - I guess those new colors haven't been bred long enough to be really prepotent and reliable!

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The April Birthstone & Birthflower Horses are here!

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A Revolt!

We have no time for April Fool's Day Shennigans here! Terris and his Horde have started a revolt against Matriarch Kristen and her Minions.

Absolutely silliness and absurdity contained herein...

(This is an unplanned event that has become officially hilarious.)

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The First Day of Spring!

The LifeBringer pegasi are in the Gold Boutique!

Spring Creativity Contest Details Announced!

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