The Rules

These rules may change at any time with no prior warning or notice.

One Account Per Person

Valley Of Unicorns users may have one account. You may not have "side accounts", "holding accounts" or any other additional accounts for ANY reason. Players found to have multiple accounts will face severe disciplinary action in accordance with the severity of the violation. The minimum punishment will be deletion of all accounts/items/contents but the oldest involved account and a significant suspension of the remaining account. Severe or brazen infractions will result in deletion of all items and permanent game bans. THIS IS YOUR ONLY WARNING.

Account/Password Sharing IS NOT ALLOWED

  • You may NOT share your account with anyone for ANY reason, unless you are a legal adult guardian sharing an account with your minor children/wards.
  • You may NOT access the accounts of any other player, even if they give you permission to do so.
  • Do NOT share your password with anyone for ANY reason.
  • You may not "give" your account to anyone, nor may you be "given" an account by someone.
  • You may not ask players to "babysit" your account and you may not "babysit" anyone else's account.

ASKING another player for their account information will result in an immediate ban of your account.

Future Promises

You may only sell items and horses/eggs/foals that you currently own. You may not strike deals for future foalings, breedings or "the next one I get". If it is not currently in your possession you may not sell or trade it.

Warehousing or Holding of Horses

You may not give or sell horses/eggs/foals to another player so that they can "hold" them for you. This includes loaning horses to another player so they can breed them, or asking another player to hold some of your eggs so you can free up some foaling stalls.

Forum Behavior and General Game Conduct

Valley Of Unicorns considers itself a "PG" game, intended for general audiences 13 years of age and older.

  • No profanity.
  • No racial, ethnic religious or cultural slurs.
  • Directly attacking and insulting other players, individuals or ideals.
  • No chatspeak, txtspk or l33tspk.
  • Excessive use of slang.
  • Attempts to circumvent the profanity filters or rules through misspellings or acronyms.
  • No excessive use of smilies, caps, ASCII spam, hard-return line spacing or other attempts to disrupt the flow of the forums.
  • Harassing, pestering or threatening other players or individuals
  • Post links to or images of content that violates any of these rules.
Generally forbidden topics include:
  • Asking for personal information such as full name, location, age, gender, place of work, school or university or any other sensitive personal, identifying information.
  • Topics involving religion, politics, ethics, intimate relationships, self-harm or other "hot button" topics as decided by the administration.
  • Topics that suggest, threaten or discuss illegal activities.

Shoutbox Specific Rules (updated 3/17/16)

  • No advertisements of any kind in the shoutbox.
  • Do not hold giveaways in the shoutbox.
  • You may ask for clicks only once per day.
  • No licking or slobbering on other players. Please keep your saliva to yourself.
  • Do not PM or Ping a member of staff to ask them to open the ShoutBox.
  • Listen to the Directors. If we've decided something shouldn't be talked about, the topic should be dropped IMMEDIATELY. NO Whining, NO Arguing, and NO Final words or Closing statements. When we say drop it or stop, we mean: Full. Stop. Change the topic.


Staff, by default, cannot be reported. If you have a concern about a staff member, please private message kristen_ttg (the game owner) directly.

Do NOT use the private message system to make reports.

Creature Loss Due to Inactivity/Player Error

There are NO refunds of any sort for items, money or creatures lost through player error, neglect or inactivity. This includes items, currency or pets that may have been obtained through premium purchases.

There are NO refunds of any sort for items, money or creatures that have been lost or damaged due to account sharing or password sharing. It is YOUR responsibility to safeguard your account, so practice good internet habits!

Creature/Item Loss Due To Player Misconduct

Loss of items, creatures or game access may result from player misconduct. This includes any items, currency or pets that have been obtained through premium purchases.

Exploits, Glitches and Abuse of Technology

Players may not, under any circumstances, utilize any methods or means to circumvent the ValleyofUnicorns game. This includes, but is not limited to, IP "spoofing", "warez", scripts, hacks, "sniffers" or anything else that may allow a player to gain access to the game in a manner other than provided by the TOS/EULA.

Players may not exploit a glitch or error. All glitches and errors must be reported to game staff. Failure to do so will result in penalties

Players found to be accessing the game in such fashion, or to have exploited a glitch to their benefit will be subject to penalties.

"Proxy Hopping", spoofing and jumping are not allowed

Altering your IP via proxies, VPNs or spoofing in order to gain more views for your pets is not allowed.

It is normal and typical for your IP address to change as you move about your day (depending on your provider and circumstances) so unless you are actively cycling through proxies and vpns this rule will probably not apply to you. If you have no idea what this section means it almost surely does not apply to you. :)

Please note also (as per the EULA) that any kind of automated script is also not permitted. Please do your own clicking!

Snaplinks, CloseIt, GreaseMoney etc are not automated scripts. Those are gameplay tools. Automated scripts play the game for you.

Penalties and Violations

All rules violations will be dealt with according to severity and priority disciplinary history. All decisions made by the game staff are final.